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How it works

How does Checkbox work?

Meet with our specialised Agri-Compliance expert to conduct a comprehensive analysis of your compliance needs on your farm. We’ll identify any gaps, highlight potential areas of risk, and craft a personalised Farm Compliance Hub exclusively tailored for you. The hub will streamline your on-farm compliance, and complimented by our support, it will ensure you stay focused & up to date on continuous farm compliance.

What's included in the hub?

This centralised hub consolidates all essential information in one accessible location, facilitating seamless management of your compliance obligations. Working as a tool for you and your team, the hub will oversee the three main areas: People, Animals and Land, and personalised to your farm requirements, it will send you timely reminders, store documents, file notes, log Health & safety incidents, and provide an overview of your current and upcoming requirements. The hub will also provide you with valuable and relevant resources to stay well-informed about current and upcoming agri-compliance developments. Working as an all-in-one home for compliance, it will help ensure you keep on task with your on-farm obligations.

What is a Compliance Manager system?

A Compliance Management System (CMS) functions as an integrated framework of documents, processes, and tools designed to streamline your farm's compliance with both current and forthcoming regulations. Customised to meet your farm's specific needs, this system ensures all necessary information is stored in a centralized and user-friendly location, keeping you informed about health and safety standards and minimising the potential for unwanted incidents.

Configured with processes, procedures, checklists, and storage capabilities, the system serves as an invaluable tool for you and your staff to enhance organisation, efficiency, and overall cohesiveness on the farm.

Why have a Compliance Management System?

Having our CMS can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are consistently staying on top of all your compliance requirements. Gone are the days of scrambling to locate documents during unexpected farm visits; now, all your essential paperwork is conveniently stored in one accessible location. With automated reminders in place, you can rest assured that nothing will slip through the cracks, and you'll receive timely notifications about any upcoming regulatory changes.

The system is designed to be convenient and user-friendly, serving as the perfect central hub to streamline farming compliance and make it a seamless experience.