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You didn't get into farming to do paperwork - let us help.

Get Checkbox, your Farm Compliance PAL, that helps alleviate the burden of on-farm compliance in an all in one personalised hub.

What is Checkbox?

Checkbox is an all in one personalised compliance management system, tailored by us, just for you and your farm.

The system works as a centralised hub that consolidates all essential information in one accessible location, providing seamless management of your compliance obligations.  Working as a tool for you and your team, the hub will oversee three main areas: People, Animals and Land (PAL).

Your Farm Compliance PAL

We know you care about your People, Animals and Land, just not always the paperwork that goes with them.  Navigating complex compliance regulations pulls you away from nurturing your cows, stewarding your land, and fostering a strong team.  We can help. We offer a user-friendly compliance management system designed to streamline your compliance, ensuring your operation meets all requirements regarding worker safety, animal welfare and sustainable land management.  With our system you can maintain compliance with ease so you can have peace of mind and can focus on what matters most - your farm.

The system is made up of the three main areas. Sign up for the plan that suits your farm, and we'll get your sorted with a fit for purpose Compliance Management System.




Why use Checkbox?

In a world where demands are ever-growing and compliance is increasingly complex, Checkbox is a proactive approach to managing the overwhelm and burden of your on-farm compliance.

Though it's tempting to overlook, the consequences of
non-compliance are too substantial to ignore.

Let us help with your farm compliance so you can focus on what matters most - your farm.