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Where is the coalition government at with changes to environmental regulations?

Currently there is a lot of uncertainty over what the new coalition government will change in current environmental policy. This is what we know so far;Resource Management ActThe new government repealed the Natural and Built Environment and Spatial Planning Acts, which were intended to replace the Resource Management Act (RMA).  The new government has stated it intends to begin work on a longer-term programme to repeal the RMA, however details have not been announced.Freshwater ManagementIn...

March 27, 2024

What does Fonterra's on-farm emissions reduction target mean?

Recently Fonterra released its 30% intensity reduction for on-farm emissions by 2030.  Many farmers will be asking “what does this mean for my farm”. I’m going to break this down for you.First, you need to understand what emissions intensity is. Emissions are predominately reported two ways: absolute emissions or emissions intensity. Absolute emissions refer to the total amount of GHGs being emitted from your farm. This is reported on a per hectare basis and can be found in your Insig...

February 13, 2024

Why farm compliance matters

Looking at farm compliance as a cost to your business is now an outdated view. While it may not be creating value, it is protecting the value of your business, with multiple financial implications for not complying with regulations today. These include; fines for breaching regulations, missing out on premium payments from Farm Assurance Programmes (like Co-operative Difference), higher ACC levies, lower farm sale value, and now banks are starting to pay more attention to how you manage comp...

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